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Wavetek - Datum - HP Agilent


We also repair, calibrate, sell and lease Wavetek, Datum FTS, HP Agilent, and RF Networks test equipment. Contact us today for all your test equipment needs.

The amazing Wavetek 5130A Frequency Synthesizer. This Signal generator was designed to provide sub-hertz, ultra-stable, high-drive reference frequencies for radar, satellite, and microwave transmission systems. A very ingenious design for its time and still in service in many military test ranges throughout the world. We are honored to be able to maintain and keep these amazing examples of American Electrical Engineering in service.

This Datum Disciplined Frequency Standard is a real gem! It makes for an accurate and  cost-effective frequency standard for your satellite communications, radar, and ground-based navigation systems. It provides excellent spectral purity with its ultra-stable quartz oscillator. Outputs for the Datum FTS 1050A are 1 MHz, 5 MHz, and 10MHz. 100 KHz and 1 PPS are optional. Still one of the best frequency standards out there and originally designed by one of the best companies in the time and frequency standard business.

The Model 2120-502 is a high speed multi-mode demodulator designed to receive a family of modulation methods. It will yield low BER with the lowest possible C/N or corresponding E/N to optimize the range/distance and the quality of the received data. This Model operates without the need for a Bit Sync or additional IF or RF filters and displays a robust bit error performance without the need for additional coding.


* Agile Data Rates 0.18-20 Mbps


  and PCM/FM or Multi-symbol PCM/FM

* Intermediate Frequency of 70 MHz or 20 MHz

* Programmable Control, Local and Remote via I

   IEEE-488 Bus

*  Spectral Inversion Control

* Diversity Switch support in all modes

* RCC-106-04 Compatible

* Multi-symbol operation available as option

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