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L3 Communications / Microdyne
DR-2000 Compact Digital Receiver

Satellite Receiving Set
Tracking Receiver
Single Channel Telemetry Receiver


L3 Communications Microdyne DR-2000 COMPACT DIGITAL RECEIVER

  • Single channel RF Tuner. 70MHz 1st IF with multiple 2nd IF filter bandwidths

  • Multi-mode Demodulator FM, PCM/FM, PM, AM, BPSK, QPSK, & SOQPSK (optional FQPSK)

  • Available Frequency Ranges: 5090-5150 MHz, 4400-4940 MHz, 2185-2485 MHz, 1429-1545 MHz, 1750-1850 MHz, 610-1150 MHz, 400-460 MHz, 215-320 MHz

  • Internal single channel bit synchronizer option

  • Front Panel and Remote via RS-232, Ethernet and IEEE-488

  • Excellent for UAV, satellite, and telemetry applications. Tracking Receiver

  • Standard 1 year warranty on parts & labor. Optional extended warranty on all equipment sales.

  • NSN 5895-01-516-5231 SATELLITE RECEIVING SET Electronic hardware designed for receiving, demodulating, and analyzing satellite signals. The system includes receivers, computers and computer peripherals, spectrum analyzers, antennas and interface equipment. the system may be permanently mounted or on a mobile platform.  Designed for two way satellite communication, COMMUNICATION SET, SATELLITE.

  • Part Alternates: DR2000, DR-2000, 5895-01-516-5231, 5895015165231, 51727 ( RECEIVING SET, SATELLITE )

  • Receiver, Tracking AA3100244-01  AN/FSQ-213(V)1  AN/TSQ-271

  • Communication, Detection, and Coherent Radiation Equipment | Miscellaneous Communication Equipment

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